• Internet Use and Academic Performance of the Students
    Original Research Article
    Country Nepal
  • Pages 01-07
  • Amrit Kumar Sharma Gaire, PhDe
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  • This paper examines the impact of internet use on student performance. In this cross-sectional study, one hundred twenty survey responses were collected from plus two-level students from BirendranagarSurkhet. The respondents were selected from class 11 and 12 students randomly. Frequency of internet use, location of internet use, cooperation from teachers for internet learning and peer group influence on internet use for academic purpose has been analyzed with their academic sample t test was used to analyze the data. The finding concludes all these variables have positive impact if the student use internet for learning process. Similarly, the analysis shows that the student who used internet at home for learning purpose has found highest academic achievement.

  • Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction on Transjakarta Commuter System
    Original Research Article
    Country indonesia
  • Pages 08-13
  • Mochamad Rizki || Junaidi || Yulianingsih
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  • One of the problems in big cities are transportation.They solve this problem by providing mass transportation such bus or train. People use this facility to travel between surrounding cities or within the city. Jakarta recently has a new public transportation called TransJakarta which serving people travelingfrom nearby cities and in the city.In order to move or doing business between places people in Jakarta use TransJakarta This research aims to analyse ticket price, service quality and customer value toward customer satisfaction. We conducted a research by using questionnaires given to thepassangers and developed a model using a multiple regression to process the result from questionnaires. Samples were taken from The number of sample for this reseach was 130 customers taken from one bus stop which passengers traveled from BSD City to Grogol and Slipi. The results from partial testing showed that customer value andservice quality have effect on customer satisfaction while ticket price does not have effect on customer satisfaction.

  • Effect of Delivery Service on University Student’s Satisfaction & Reorder Intention on Chinese Restaurants in Korea
    Original Research Article
    Country South Korea
  • Pages 14-19
  • Maidul Islam || Shabnam A. Sheikh
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  • This research paper examines customer intention to reorder in respect to delivery service and product satisfaction. Our research model includes delivery service, satisfaction and reorder intention. Satisfaction in this research model work as mediating variable. A survey method was adopted to collect data, collected data were analysis using SPSS to see the correlation between variables. A significant relationship was found between delivery service and reorder intention as well as moderating role was also note with satisfaction and reorder intention.

  • Review on the Challenges and Opportunities of Dairy Value Chain Development in Ethiopia
    Original Research Article
    Country Ethiopia
  • Pages 20-28
  • Yonnas Addis
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  • Dairying is one of the livestock productions practiced almost all over Ethiopia, involving a vast number of small, medium, or large-sized, subsistence or market-oriented farms. However, the structure and performance of dairy sectors and its products marketing both for domestic consumption and for export is generally perceived poor in Ethiopia due to different challenges. These challenges vary across different production system to another and/or from one location to another. Among other challenges seasonality of production, spoilage (lack of milk collecting facilities), poor animal health and management, inadequate supply of quality feed, low productivity and genetics ,quality problem, weak vertical integration, absence processing plant, inadequate permanent trade routes and other facilities like feeds, water, holding grounds, lack or non-provision of transport, lack of access to land, ineffectiveness and inadequate infrastructural and institutional set-ups, prevalence of diseases, lack of credit and inadequate market information are dominant in Ethiopia. Therefore, market infrastructure facilities, producers cooperative, feed quality and quantity provision system need to be strengthen for effective dairy value chain development.

  • Project management – standard for today´s modern company
    Original Research Article
    Country Slovak Republic
  • Pages 29-35
  • Peter Malega
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  • Project management is one of the most popular tool in the companies in today´s competitive environment. There are many successful companies, in which the project management has the key position. Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements. Project management is accomplished with the processes such as initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing. The project team manages the work of the projects, and the work typically involves competing demands, stakeholders with differing needs and expectations and identified requirements. It is important to note that many of the processes within project management are iterative in nature. This is in part due to the existence of and the necessity for progressive elaboration in a project throughout the project life cycle.

  • How Integrated Production Planning and Cross Employee Planning Increases Productivity
    Original Research Article
    Country United States
  • Pages 36-43
  • Dr. Dena Bateh
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  • This paper is designed to show how integrated process planning and cross employee planning can be a vital part to any business operation. It will also uncover how different integrated processes and employee relations will help a business to grow. Various topics ranging from enterprise resource planning, integrated planning in supply chains, the non-linear approach, innovation and digitalization coupled with cross training and empowerment, Human resources, and Manager Employee relations complement each other and could bring an organization together. Various thought processes and intellectual reasoning skills were instrumental in all consideration of this project. Many antiquated processes were changed over the years to update operations in the business world where conventional means were not effective. Integrating product planning and employee planning optimized operations both in the product and service industry and I will accent many of these optimizations. With recent technological advances and human relations tactics, project management and organization has been streamlined and works more productively than its predecessors. Regardless of the industry, integrated process planning, and cross employee planning could possible turn a dinosaur into a competitive part of the economy.

  • Projectification of economy in a smaller country: A case from Croatia
    Original Research Article
    Country Slovenia
  • Pages 44-51
  • Mladen Radujkovic || Sandra Mišić
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  • This research deals with an insight and analysis of the economy projectification in a smaller country, here represented by Croatia. The study was inspired by similar research conducted in Germany, Island and Norway and it is based on similar but partly adapted methodology. The objective of this study is to measure level of economy projectification in a smaller country, and to provide relevant data related for the level of project work. The random sample of 250 companies, from both public and private sectors, was selected across nine sectors of the economy. A stratified random sampling was drawn and interviews were conducted via telephone, so as on-line survey. While analysing collected data and considering the objectives of this paper, only basic statistical analyses were applied for calculating averages and mean values. This study confirmed that projectification trends and figures in a smaller country are similar to those in larger or developed countries. During the period of last five years, the projectification level of the Croatian economy was increased from 27% (in 2013.) to33% (in 2018.). The results show significant difference in projectification among the different sectors of economy, so as changes and trends over the recent time period.

  • Antecedent of Consumer Attitudes Toward Online Shopping in Indonesia
    Original Research Article
    Country Indonesia
  • Pages 52-61
  • Setiyawan, Eko || Nuryakin;Susanto
  • Abstract | pdf Pdf
  • This study aims to examine the mediating effect of Trust in the relationship between Perceived Website Quality (PWQual), eWOM, and Perceived Benefits on Consumer Attitudes Toward Online Shopping in Indonesia. The sample in this research are online shopping consumers in Indonesia there 118 respondents. The design research used a survey model purposive sampling method as a sampling technique. The data analyze in this research used Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) as an analysis technique with AMOS as analysis tools. This research shows that : Perceived Website Quality has a significant effect on Perceived Benefits and Trust, Perceived Benefits and Trust has a significant effect on Consumer Attitudes Toward Online Shopping, Perceived Website Quality has a significant effect on Consumer Attitudes Toward Online Shopping through Trust.